Airvantage, mangOH Red and WP7702



I’ve just been configuring my shiny new mangOH Red board that I got in Paris, and I’ve tripped over a couple of issues that I would someone to check please:

1. The WP module registration page does not have WP7700 or WP7702 in the dropdown list
I tried to register it in airvantage and I found that the WP7702 module is not listed in the Airprime -> WP modules dropdown list:


When I was at the system selection page, I also noticed that there was a ‘mangOH’ option. OK, I’ve got a mangOH Red board. The page asked me for the Serial number and IMEI and a name - which I supplied - and then it successfully registered the new device into my account.

I tested a simple Legato application by installing it manually on the 'Red and all was well.

So I updated the version number in my application adef file, built the airvantage package and published/deployed it to AV. I then went to push the application to my mangOH board…

2. AV deleted ALL my other apps on the board (except the one I wanted to update), and then stalled

So I deployed the app at about 10am. And I watched the log file go past … the bloody updater deleted ALL my apps - EXCEPT the one I had queued for update - and has now stalled for the last hour or so ‘Update state: Authentication started’. What’s worse is that Legato has decided that the system is stable and has marked it as ‘Passed Probation’ … so I can’t even roll the system back to the last known good state!

I then noticed in AirVantage:

3. AV thinks that the mangOH Red with a WP7702 module is actually a WP8548

I wonder if this is some of the problem:

Note the firmware field … this mangOH definitely has a WP7702 in it.

Can someone please check out how to correctly register a mangOH with 7702 into AirVantage, and see why the FOTA from AV to the 'Red didn’t behave as expected.

ciao, Dave


@NhonChu @rjacolin @Prush can we have a look at this please ?


Hi @davidc, App deletion could be due to the application model. Can you check your application model? Details are available in this thread -> Install application from airvantage


Hi @Prush,

That very well may be the issue.

The problem is that I took a new mangOH Red - supplied by Sierra at the Innovation Summit (as part of my registration package) and registered it on Airvantage as a mangOH device. Airvantage assumed that it was a WP8548 module, not the WP7702 module that was supplied by Sierra as default. I suspect that this is why the application model is wrong.

And … at the moment there is no way to register a WP7702 device into Airvantage - either as a mangOH or as a stand-alone module as it doesn’t appear in the supported list of modules on AV.

ciao, Dave


@davidc please use the url provided in the GSG