Airvantage cloud connect to AWS Kinesis


I’m following How to use the Kinesis Connector to connect Airvantage cloud to AWS but I have some problems in step 3, I can’t login to Request Support by my account.
Please help me to solve this problem.


I checked with someone in the AirVantage team and they said that the support team can only be contacted by commercial customers of AirVantage. The AirVantage team will be updating the howto document to reflect that restriction.


I concur with David. SW customer support team was pretty useless. After a weeks of internal to and froing I was told I couldn’t do it without a commercial agreement. I don’t want to be locked into a commercial commitment while I’m doing a PoC. I decided to bypass Airvantage altogether and work out how to connect to AWS directly.


Thanks for your comment Mohamid. I will pass that feedback along.