Air Vantage issues

how do I access the airvantage server? is it in the mangoh vm?

an application with the same type and revision already exist, it says

then maybe you can search if there is existing application called “mangoh red carpark” already exists in your group.

I don’t see anything in the develop page.

maybe you can change the following in to another name and import again:

after uploading it in release, it says its an unreadable application archive. after i modify the line to .xxx. and then again when I change it to alex

which tool you used to modify?
Did you use winRAR to zip it?

That’s unfortunate. ALso, what is winRAR? when i did the release thing, i selected the .app file that i modified.

winrar is zip tool in windows platform. After the modification, you need to zip it.

I modified the file, zipped it, uploaded it to release and it saved.
I followed your instructions above and it seemed to have saved, but my graphs still arent working and i am still getting wrong data.

how did you add the widget?

the widget called mangoh car park appears at the bottom of my screen, but it wont run when i click start, it keeps failing

I can see the temperature correctly displayed: