Air Vantage issues

I have created an Airvantage account, and registered my mangoh red with the account. However, when i view the Provisioning options tile, nothing is displayed. even though after punching in at!gstatus? into the module console it says i am connected?

any help would be greatly appreciated.

you need to type AT+WDSS=1,1 in /dev/ttyAT to connect to Airvantage server.

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typed in, console said OK

now how do i exit this without having to close the terminal window? is there a way to save the change?

press “Ctrl+x”, then you should be able to quit microcom.

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Hello again! the provisioning options tile updated and looks like the manual. but for some reason, the widgets for the sensors arent showing any data, even though i turned on redsensortocloud

once again, you are a life saver thanks for the help

i also cannot push data to device using led card detect as noted in manual

Also thanks for all your help, do you work at Sierra?

do you enable switch 3 om SW401 on the board?

Please see if you can see the sensor value, e.g.
cat /sys/bus/i2c/devices/4-0068/iio:device0/in_anglvel_x_raw
cat /sys/bus/i2c/devices/4-0068/iio:device0/in_temp_raw

Also please check if you can receive the sensor data in AVMS webpage:

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for temp raw i get 1618, switch 3 is turned on, and i get sensor data for the accelerometer but alas, no graphs are printed

then can you see the sensor data in the timeline webpage?

nope, only for accelerometer, which doesnt make sense because my device isnt moving

just got a value for light sensor, but the graph doesnt show anything. the timeline says it recieved data from light sensor

in timeline, you should be able to see the data such as

what is those 18 data?

every time i try to send LED data it fails

then module can send data to AVMS server.
Have you import a appmodel file in the AVMS webpage?
I remember those widget needs this file to be imported. (894 Bytes)

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how do i import a file into the webpage

  1. AirVantage server> Develop > My Apps > Release > point to your zip file.

  2. After releasing, you need to publish the app

  3. In AirVantage: Monitor > Systems > open the page for your device > More > Edit

  4. In the Application section, click on the search icon > My Application > mangOH RED carpark lighting