Air Vantage connection front pannel?

Hi! I’m trying to register my device to air Vantage. I’m following this tutorial:

Can someone explain me why I see this pannel:

and not this pannel?

When I login into AirVantage I don’t see develop and configure options…

I just created a new account without any problems. Even if I log out and log in again, I can see the “Configure” and “Develop” button.

You can try to remove the “cookies and site data” of and login again.

yes, I solved this way, I wanted to try to understand if there was the possibility to change the nature of an existing account (so as not to create many), but unfortunately it is not possible. Thank you very much

Hi, I actually solved the problem:

but I have another problem. when I enter in the account, I see this:

and not this:

Anyway, I go to Register and I find:

and not

and so I can’t insert the SIM parameter. The result is that I can’t sinchronize the system. How can I do to see the correct things on sierra account?

I believe you are using an older account. Please create a new account with the following link:

Hi! Thanks for your answer. I got over the problem solved the same account using these commands:

Best regards