Adding gstreamer to WP8548 image



I need to add gstreamer to the image for rtsp streaming in WP8548. I added IMAGE_INSTALL += “gstreamer” to the file. The image is built successfully with gstreamer from the recipes in poky/meta/recipes-multimedia/gstreamer and I am able to work with filesrc.

But when I added IMAGE_INSTALL += “gst-plugins-good”, IMAGE_INSTALL += “gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad” and IMAGE_INSTALL += “gstreamer1.0-plugins-base” to, the image is built successfully but the plugins are not available. Let me know if I am missing anything.

Here are the plugins available in WP8548
root@swi-mdm9x15:~# gst-inspect-0.10 --plugin
coreindexers: memindex: A index that stores entries in memory
coreindexers: fileindex: A index that stores entries in file
coreelements: capsfilter: CapsFilter
coreelements: fakesrc: Fake Source
coreelements: fakesink: Fake Sink
coreelements: fdsrc: Filedescriptor Source
coreelements: fdsink: Filedescriptor Sink
coreelements: filesrc: File Source
coreelements: funnel: Funnel pipe fitting
coreelements: identity: Identity
coreelements: input-selector: Input selector
coreelements: output-selector: Output selector
coreelements: queue: Queue
coreelements: queue2: Queue 2
coreelements: filesink: File Sink
coreelements: tee: Tee pipe fitting
coreelements: typefind: TypeFind
coreelements: multiqueue: MultiQueue
coreelements: valve: Valve element
staticelements: bin: Generic bin
staticelements: pipeline: Pipeline object

Total count: 3 plugins, 21 features

Below is the contents of /usr/lib/gstreamer-0.10/ directory