Add custom apps in mangoOH build


Hello all

I would like to add my apps in the mangoOH build and after create a cwe package (to create a custom firmware for mass production).

Any guide lines to do that ? ( not the custom firmware I can do it with DS).



Hi @Francis.duhaut

Do you mean you want a command line way to do it?
Once you get your system .update file build, you can turn it to a .cwe file using the systoimg tool (that’s what DS is doing when building a system project).

Then you can use the swicwe tool to concatenate the cwe pieces and build your own custom firmware, ready for production (that’s what DS is doing when using the custom firmware wizard).
(Note that if you only want a custom legato.cwe, you don’t need to concatenate everything; you can only flash the legato.cwe image over the official image).

FYI, some instructions here:


Hi @daav

Thanks to share this information about systoimg. It’s exactly that I want.

I try to reduce to a minimum the time to program/test a system. This will a impact to final cost.

Thanks !