Access cellular Mango Red from Beagle Bone Black using connman


I can access cellular and connect to access point using mango red and cm from the mango red itself. But how do I connect to cellular from the Beagle bone black using connman? Anything special required besides enabling wifi? Is there a page or details on the process required to connect to cellular from a host using the mango red using connman?


Are you trying to use the mangOH Red as a WiFi access point to provide Internet access via the cellular data connection to a BeagleBone Black?


Yes over USB. Need cellular over USB similar to WiFi. I can bring up cellular on the MangOH Red itself, but I need to use connman and oFono to connect to the cellular service and use AT&T and WVdial Sierra Wireless Connection. Able to connect and do this using the network manager while using the modem manager. But unclear how connman and oFono should be configured on the beagle bone black for USB cellular.