Acces to Diansotic port in Mango's Linux

Hello. Can i get acces to Diagnostic port of modem in Mango’s linux?

You cannot directly access the DM port…
But you can use diag_mdlog to capture DM log locally in module:

i found in at commands p.80 command !MAPUART.
so Can translate DM service to linux Console?

I don’t see it has such option to map DM port to uart in that command

drom here

this seems to be an old version one

Could you tell me what revision i need to install to get this functionality?

Diagnostic Message (DM) service is not supported with AT!MAPUART. So, it has been removed from the AT command user guide version 7.

so before rev 7 it worked?
rev 7 it is

not the FW, rev 7 is the AT command user guide pdf
your pdf is rev 6.

does the version of at commands depend on the version of the modem firmware?
what version of modem do i need to install?

i think no FW is supporting the DM port mapped to UART

strange, it was also documented, which means that some firmware supported it

that is wrong information in the old version

sadly, I really hoped to get access to it

why don’t you use USB DM port?

we use sierra with other equipment and we need complete sytem information on the radio part.
now we are using qxdm

then what is the problem?
QXDM can work with the USB DM port

we want use linux in mango without external PC

so you want to use QXDM on module’s linux?