About the GPS reading

Hi, i am new in working with mangOH RED. I am testing the user guide and once i connect the SIM at first, it was showing the correct GPRMC reading. But suddenly, it shows empty. I did not get it, it is the problem with the SIM or configuration? Could someone help me in this issue?

Hi @shahahsanuzzamanmdta ,
Did you connect the GPS Antenna ? Sim configurations has got nothing to do with GPS data .
Please make sure you are connecting GPS antenna in the correct slot .


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Hi, thanks. Yes, connected the GPS antenna and got results as i explained. But GPRMC reading goes out after a while.

Hi @shahahsanuzzamanmdta ,
Can you share the NMEA sentences you are getting ? what is the value of total number of Satellites in view (Found in GPGSV sentence) .

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1duPsra9uBQRfa2dvppW2AKzqXyDOo4R6/view?usp=sharing, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fC-whp1GrwM9WVaHf6ZWJDf73TimMzST/view?usp=sharing

@shahahsanuzzamanmdta which module are you using ? what is the firmware version ? Did you try testing at different locations ?

@Akshaysk it is 7601G module and if i change the location then it works that means need to move after a while always? or need to change the gps cofig? the firmware is updated one.

Hi @shahahsanuzzamanmdta ,
Ideally you should be able to get the RMC values continuously if you have the fix .

I am trying to use AT commands to have the GPS readings. Could you please help me in this issue? How can i send AT commands as like arduino?

What is your application ? The module has a dedicated application processor , framework to do the job for you . why don’t you use the API’s from framework .

Thanks for your help. The application is to read GPS location and send SMS to a phone number.

@shahahsanuzzamanmdta ,
You can find a reference legato code in the below link . Kindly go through the code and modify it based on your requirements .

Thanks for your help.

I would like to install the apps redSensor and redCloud into mangOH from

to read the sensor data reading into the Airvantage dashboard.

Could you please help me to know how to install thease two apps into developer studio 5.3.1 and legato is WP76 R12 18.10.3? Thanks.

Hi, i tried to run the code of gps and getting errors.

The picture is attached.

Could someone please help with this issue?

@shahahsanuzzamanmdta ,
Did you install the Legato packages ?

Hi, thanks. i have legato 18.10.3.wp76xx-docker-201903041325 installed package. Is there any other specific legato package need to install to run textLoc.c? Thanks in advance.

Hi @shahahsanuzzamanmdta ,
No issues you can continue with the current setup . Please verify your adef and cdef files to resolve the errors faced . You can find similar issues reported in https://forum.legato.io/ Please go through them .