About mangOH Red's Cortex-M4 processor


I have a question about mangOH RED.
The mangOH RED seems to have a Cortex-M4 processor.
According to the document, the processor of mangOH Red seems to be MTK U1000 ”MT2523”(BT / Wi-Fi).
Application processors will be required if users install HL (CF3) modules into mangOH RED.

Is it possible to control the HL (CF3) module using this MTK processor?
Can I use MTK’s SDK?
And where is it served?



The chip is a mt7697. Which document claims it is a mt2523? I haven’t personally done anything with the HL in mangOH Red, so maybe someone else can comment on that.


Thank you for your comment.

I searched for other topics with the keyword of MT7697 and I found many comments.
That was very useful.
Apparently, the MT7697 SDK can be obtained from MTK and Wi-Fi / BT application FW can be found on GitHub WEB.