About how to install software in mass production for applications developed for WP76xx

I want to know the best way to install the application developed for WP76xx in the mass production process.
In the mass production process, I intend to use a Windows PC.
I do not want to use Developper Studio or VM.
I did not find a document that describes how to install the application suitable for mass production.
Could you please tell me?

Hi there,
We use linux because it takes way less time to establish connection to SierraWireless than Windows does. We build up our application and legato system overlay and bundle everything to .SPK file.

Then you can just use swiflash tool to do something like this:
swiflash -m wp76xx -i image.spk

You flash everything and then you should be good to go. I guess that this is the fastest way since oyu can bundle all the work into 1 file (.spk) that includes legato apps, legato overlay, custom kernel, modem firmware basically everything.

This is how we do it, I don’t know if its the best way.

Thank you for the reply
According to your answer, I could find the following materials.


This problem seems to be solvable.

The swicwe tool is used to construct .spk files. It can also be used to examine the list of partition images that a .spk or .cwe file contains, and can split a .spk into separate .cwe files.


If you download the .cwe files for the parts (modem firmware, bootloaders, kernel, root file system, etc.) that you don’t build yourself, then you can use swicwe to combine (concatenate) those .cwe files with the .cwe file(s) that you built yourself. To build a .cwe for your legato system, you can use the systocwe tool (https://docs.legato.io/latest/toolsHost_systocwe.html) to convert your .update file to a .cwe file.

Many thanks for the additional information.
I will try some steps and make a package.

I have resolved my doubts.